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Whether you’ve got one small commercial building or multiple locations throughout Southeastern Ohio, The American Light Company has your commercial electrical supply solutions ready to go. From how to select the best lighting for your office space to managing the product ordering process and finding suitable financing, consider us your commercial electrical supply partner. You won’t have to wait while we dig up answers, get approval through a long chain of command, or contact the manufacturer first – we’ve got full-time, in-house, trained experts who are on standby to help with all of your commercial electrical supply needs.

Energy Efficiency

Do you know how much energy your building wastes? The concept of energy efficiency is no longer a new idea, but most commercial buildings still offer several opportunities for improvement. Interested in reducing energy usage? With expert help from The American Light Company, you can maximize energy savings without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.

Considering rebates from utility companies, government agencies, and other entities for energy-efficiency investments is an important part of your investment, too; we will make sure you’re aware of the financial resources available.


Lighting represents the largest source of electricity consumption in a typical commercial building. But it doesn’t have to be that way in your building. The American Light Company lighting experts can conduct a lighting audit to determine how well your current lighting system suits your needs, and then suggest changes to improve lighting quality while reducing lighting energy usage and utility bills. We can also help you incorporate adequate amounts of daylight into your building with dimmers, controls, sensors, and other lighting solutions.


Our team of energy-efficiency professionals walks you through the details of your building’s energy use, identifying areas of potential energy waste. Then they recommend solutions to help you cut usage (lighting controls to bring in more daylight, efficient LED lighting, geothermal heating and cooling, etc.). And if you’re not sure how to fund these energy-efficiency initiatives, we can help you identify rebates, credits, and incentives.


Economically viable renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, and geothermal, are natural, continuous resources. As renewable energy technology improves, and as the government and utilities provide investment incentives, costs are becoming increasingly competitive. Even if you’ve never explored renewable energy as an option before, The American Light Company can educate you about the options and help you select the system that’s most appropriate for your building and your site. There’s never been a better time to consider renewable energy as a way to achieve year-round utility savings.


A network ultimately determines how well a business functions. The American Light Company offers powerful network infrastructure solutions that provide high-bandwidth connections for voice, video, and data so tenants and occupants reap the benefits of seamless communication and continuous access to data. From routers and cabling to connectors and switches, we’ll help you design a reliable, scalable network to handle current technology, as well as new technology down the road.


With heightened public concern about commercial buildings’ physical security, it can be overwhelming to decide which solutions will provide the most appropriate and cost-effective protection. Whether you’re looking for basic components of a physical security program or a multi-layered security approach, we can help you better manage security in and around your commercial building. From surveillance cameras, access control, and intercoms to parking control, biometrics and video management, safety solutions help ensure your organization’s success. We’ll get you lined up with an affordable, reliable, scalable security solution that not only controls access, but provides valuable data and reports in case of a security breach.

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