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The American Light Company understands the unique factors that education providers must address due to increasing enrollment, older facilities, technology requirements, and rising energy costs. Our team helps educational institutions address these factors and reach their sustainability and budgeting goals.

The American Light Company focuses on the needs and requirements of large, medium and small campuses and multi-location agencies. With years of education experience, our team provides a strong basis of understanding on how institutions buy and operate. Our broad product offering will streamline your supply chain with an extensive offering of electrical, communications, industrial, general maintenance, repair, operations, security, and OEM products.


The American Light Company is more than products. Partnering with key suppliers and industry experts, we offer a full suite of service solutions that helps select, customize and assess various products, equipment and processes on your campus.


Data Center assessments offer an overall health checkup of critical power and cooling systems and catalog existing infrastructure, and identify operational efficiency issues. Recommendations are provided to optimize the existing Data Center based on industry best practices, taking into account future growth projections.


Network and communication closets are dynamic areas within a business. Constant moves, additions, and changes occur and often there may not be the proper equipment in place to streamline configurations to ensure maximum availability. The assessment team examines environmental and critical infrastructure conditions and provides recommendations to increase overall closet effectiveness.


When designing a new building, it's important to understand the specific lighting requirements for all spaces. The American Light Company and our suppliers can help customers design an optimal new construction lighting system to save energy, reduce maintenance, inventory, and procurement costs, improve productivity and meet environmental standards. We also provide LEED and green strategy expertise to new construction projects.


When clients need scalable, customized solutions for power distribution, this set of services can meet their requirements. Our experts design and integrate electrical distribution equipment, low voltage and data assemblies, energy management and lighting control systems into a single Integrated Facility Systems (IFS) assembly. This expertise can extend into retrofit applications when new equipment is preferred or required.

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