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Healthcare Solutions: Industry Knowledge, Competitive Pricing, and Customer Value Creation

As a leading provider of electrical, MRO, electronic, and data communications products, we deliver our core expertise so you can concentrate on yours. We help keep healthcare facilities operating at optimum levels, while reducing overall expenses, by delivering the right products at competitive prices along with a broad range of value-added services, backed by detailed, accurate measurement and reporting processes.

The American Light Company focuses on the following Healthcare Facility’s:

  • Data Centers in Physician Office Buildings
  • Hospital Patient Rooms
  • Hospital Laboratories
  • Maintenance & Central Energy Plants
  • Surgery Units and Outpatient Surgery Centers

The American Light Company also delivers a wide variety of solutions for the healthcare industry, focusing mainly on our ability to:

  • Promote a more energy efficient environment and decrease energy costs
  • Increase power quality and reliability, including emergency power
  • Decrease inventory costs of MRO materials including material management costs
  • Increase procurement efficiency and decrease procurement costs

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