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From our beginnings as a lamp manufacturing company in 1910, no other company has completed more large, complex projects with greater success in Southeastern Ohio. The American Light Company’s heritage is built on large construction projects. It’s what we built our foundation on and what we continue to excel at today. When it comes to large projects, on time and on budget, The American Light Company delivers:

  • Market Coordination — The American Light Company can provide solutions for multi-location contractors who require project coordination across multiple markets
  • 24/7 Emergency Support — We are a local business that ensures your projects remain on schedule
  • Material Staging - Helps cut operating costs and enhance productivity
  • Job-Site Trailers — Store the materials you need, where you need them most
  • Cable Management — Our menu of services helps you manage the largest single area of your electrical spend

What a Best-in-Class Construction Supplier Should Do for You — Meeting the Needs of Construction Professionals

  • Keeping you price competitive
  • Helping to improve your labor productivity
  • Building relationships with you locally
  • Providing you with construction capabilities critical to project success
  • Exhibiting a track record of success

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